Grußwort von Lord Yehudi Menuhin

In seinem Grußwort zum 80. Geburtstag würdigt der weltbekannte Violinvirtuose, Dirigent und Humanist die Verdienste von B.K.S. Iyengar. Yehudi Menuhin hatte schon in den 50er Jahren Unterricht bei Iyengar. Im März diesen Jahres verstarb Menuhin 82 jährig in Berlin.

Yehudi Menuhin bei einer Konzertprobe (1999)I hope I have not missed the opportunity of joining my name to the many who have benefited from B.K.S. lyengar’s gift, if I may say so, to mankind.
Perhaps no other single person has contributed so much to a real understanding of Hatha-Yoga, from India where we first met to the U.S.A, England and many other places as well.
I know that his 80th birthday which will be celebrated in Pune will be worthy of the man. I am glad that students and eminent public figures are joining to pay him homage.
I am also very pleased that the programme of his 80th birthday celebrations will be a festival which will include Indian classical music, dance and drama. As an old admirer and student of Dr. Iyengar, this message comes with all my heart.

Yehudi Menuhin

(Foto: K.Rudolph, Philharmonische Blätter Köln)

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