To: B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga Associations using the Iyengar Yoga Service Mark:

Guruji has asked that the following information be passed on to all our associations and their certified teachers via your newsletters/ bulietins:
1. Jumpings must not be taught on a regular basis - once in a while is OK. If they are persisted, the practice becomes like calisthenics, not yoga.
2. Nauli must never be taught without consulting the most Senior teacher in your area or Sri B.K.S. Iyengar.
3. The following is quoted from a fax sent to us regarding Guruji's thoughts and feelings about people advertizing that they assist in remedial/medical classes at the Institute in Pune as one of their qualifications:
"Regard this point 3, when students from abroad and locally beg me to allow them to watch the remedial classes, I as a human allow them, so that they watch and learn the art of healing. Soon ... I show the students how to help. Often it strains me that I have to teach the art of helping hand and at the same time work on patients.
"With all my guide, they go wrong and often I admonish them saying that the patient is important and not those who take advantage of help in the name of assistance.
"My goodness of allowing them to learn (which I do even today) as yoga being a compassionate subject, it is unfair on their part to exploit for their selfish gain this kindness of mine. Instead of being grateful for this allowance, they use it as a point to gain an upper hand.
"This pains me. If I stop members to see, it will be a loss, and if I allow, one uses for their own gains.
"I want them to learn humility and thank providence for this chance and to stop using it as a credit.
"I do not know to express the pain and embarrassment that causes me and their own colleagues who feel that they are downgraded by such exploitation. It is a grace, not a qualification and this advertizing is unfair."

With Affection, B.K.S. Iyengar

Unsere Zusammenfassung:

Als Orientierung teilt B.K.S. Iyengar Folgendes mit:
l. Dynamische Übungsfolgen mit Sprüngen (Surya Namaskar) sollen nicht regelmäßig unterrichtet werden - ab und zu ist OK. Sonst entsteht eine gymnastische Übungspraxis.
2. Nauli darf nur unter Aufsicht eines sehr erfahrenen Lehrers unterrichtet werden.
3. Unterrichtende sollen Demut und Dankbarkeit lernen. Wenn sie besondere Gelegenheit bekommen, in Pune zu lernen, sollten sie dies nicht gleich als Wettbewerbsvorteil in ihrer Kurs- und Seminarwerbung herausposaunen.

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